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青いベンチ Aoi Bench (short review)

I have to say I only dabble a bit on NEWS (I’m just there to poke at Ryo’s height, witness Pi’s attempt at dethroning A-Jin as the top diva at tabloid headlines, and KoyaShige’s very real relationship) however, I am very partial to TegoMass, whom, in my opinion are one of Johnny’s top vocal powerhouse. Aoi Bench is a ménage à trois of sweet folk ballad, Tegoshi’s cool vocals and Masuda’s earthly voice.

Released on 16 February 2010, just in time for Valentine’s Day (and yeah today is March 1st, I just like writing late reviews stfu) but a bit early for White Day, Aoi Bench is a cover of a now defunct duo Sasuke. It’s a pop tune with a touch of folk, which I find ironic after reading the lyric translation. The single also includes the Aoi Bench acoustic version which I liked better, and 卒業アルバム Sotsugyou Album.

Ah, I sit down on the blue benchAnd remember the day when you waved good-bye

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It’s a bittersweet song about reminiscing a first love, a lost love, or a missed chance at love, and how time slowly heals the pain. Aoi Bench is perfectly complemented by Sotsugyou Album with lyrics that both dwells in the reminiscence of the past and in looking towards the future.

I liked this single really, it’s feel good, fresh and it gives that  feeling of wanting to have early morning walks with a significant someone (I EAT FLUFF FOR BREAKFAST). Or your dog. Whichever.

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