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On dining & paint jobs

Reyes Barbecue in Emerald Mansion, Ortigas has always been our go-to place if we’re craving for anything grilled. Last month (I think, if my memory serves me right), they had a renovation so I was a little hyped up in going there again, mainly because I was a bit indifferent to their ambiance.

When we got there yesterday, it was a bit disappointing. The architecture was the same, and I believe the seating arrangement got worse because now, you can just lean on the side and be chummy to the next stranger. Not a very good thing for people who like their space and comfort while eating.

Had to crop the photo for their privacy but yes, it looked crowded than it really was!

And this is what I have been staring at during the duration of my “dining” experience. Hideous and unfinished wall art. Even the place still reeks of paint and rugby or whatever chemical smell that was. I don’t know if that’s even hygienic.

Food is good though, they have mastered their consistency when it comes to flavor. They added new and budget friendly things in their menu such as the goto, bihon, and vegetable/meat wraps. It’s kind of a downer not to see my favorite chicken skewers & grilled hamburger.

This is what I had instead

I’d probably recommend the Katipunan branch because it’s more comfy but yeah, I’d steer away from the Emerald Mansion branch.