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Naturally PV; Matsushita Yuya

The PV has lots of…staring, and ogling, which I don’t mind if MatsuYuya’s doing it. I’ve finally concurred that the elusive ~feelings~ย that I have for Yuya, aside from his chocolate voice, are actually intense. He has a creepy stare/prs make love to me/oooh maybe he’s staring at the mirror and making kissy faces to himself but the produ just inserted the girl’s face/face. I think you get the picture.

And so, to map my future, here’s another imaginary celebrity boyfriend who would dance in a secluded parking lot and trample on the dust like there’s no tomorrow, sorry people with dust allergy, and engage in a rap battle showdown with Yabu in order to win my love.

I am forever winning at life. And this post is incoherent and irrelevant to the economy of Zimbabwe, but I tried, okay.