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Lipad Darna!

I grew up in a household where Sineskwela, Hirayamanawari and Sesame Street are very much valued as part of our education. Books then were considered a “luxury” because it was expensive and my dad didn’t appreciate us children huddling in a corner on lazy afternoons and reading. However, during summer vacations whenever we stay at our grandparents’ house we’d be in our best behaviors aka spoiled little shits and have our way watching Shaider and Maskman and read so much until we get weary-eyed. But most of them are not books, most of them are Tagalog komiks (nope not Archie bec I’ll be in on that badwagon a bit late) and tattered issues of Liwayway owned by my aunt.

While I was whisked away by reading the antics of Nik Nok, Tinay Pinay and the whole Funny Komiks gang, I was also fascinated with my grandpa’s collection of the “adult” variety: Darna, Lastik Man, and Panday.

And then I stumbled on this one page-website that would have piqued my 7 year old self during those days at Teresa.

Darna Lives is a fan site created by two Darna fans which features a one page Darna fan art/fiction. It picks up a 35 year old Narda, a tormented mother of three who seem to be missing the contentment of her existence. Unfortunately, the author and the artist decided to stop in a 9 pager comic due to copyright issues. But I am sharing this link nonetheless so you guys can also spread the word! It’s a shame to see the Philippine comic book industry dwindling down (yes I’m still butthurt over the ceased publishing of Culture Crash!) so, you know, petition or something to get this published!

I would love to see a generation that would start on picking up komiks, reading it, and just letting their mind grow.