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Mixtape – How A Body Loves

A happy sexy birthday to my beloved Kang. Here’s an equally sexy mix tape and a gift bag of sleazy romance novels to accompany you whenever.

Imelda May – Big Bad Handsome Man

When he looks at me/I get weak knees

Warpaint – Beetles

Let’s get naked and rip down the wall that makes me crazy
tell me how/Someone hold my hand and give me lessons ‘cos I wanna/Melt the knot inside of it

The Doors – Light My Fire

Come on baby, light my fire/Come on baby, light my fire/Try to set the night on fire

Gotye – Heart’s a Mess

My heart’s a mess/and I’m desperate to connect

Anya Marina – Whatever You Like (cover)

Baby you can have whatever you like

Radiohead – Where I End and You Begin

And I can’t and I can’t come down/I can watch and cant take part

Dum Dum Girls – Bedroom Eyes

I see your body in the doorway, so it seems

Some Gorgeous Accident – Luminescence


Here’s to more dirty jokes as we say goodbye to everything innocent! I love you, even if I don’t have money in the bank or helipads (with actual helicopters), or umm, R8 Audis.


Zyn V
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