I’m with you in Rockland/where we are great writers on the same dreadful typewriter – Howl; Allen Ginsberg

And another one. Hello, just me and words, and the universe trying to catch up with each other. Work, work, working. audiophile, tries to be eloquent and relevant at times.




Zyn. Pisces/Dragon. 19.03.88. Type O.
INFJ. lol comm arts. corporate junkie. 8×5 world domination tactics
Manila, Manila, I’m coming home to Manila

Supports advocacies of Peace, Environment, Gender Equality, Social Justice
and John! Uso daro! Minna de Po-po, pretty pole dancing boys
SUPER SENTAIS for a better future and chicks in bikins.

Hello, how are you I’m fine, thank you and you

☆ Last.fm: boomerodii
☆ tumblr: cinnamoncinders
☆ twitter: zynzinnati
☆ wordpress: dreadfultypewriter

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