Another song about the weekend

→ I saw Sucker Punch over the weekend. I seriously enjoyed watching it despite reviews of “oh it’s a movie for dudes, ya know, tits and ass” w/e, I liked the soundtrack best and not to mention the CGIs. And I think Emily Browning looked a little like Diana Agron idek please bring the brunette back. Pepei didn’t like it as much as I did but we had an in-depth conversation about alternate realities and lobotomy and how much Vanessa/Zac ruled and how it’s not a copy of DoA and DEBS.

→ ANYWAY, something came in the mail!

skjdfhs MIYUKICHYAN THANK YOU SO SO MUCH! AAAAAAA reading it now and I’m getting teary-eyed idek this book invokes so much emotion ;o; I LOVE YOU MOST!


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One response to “Another song about the weekend”

  1. lepolaroid says :

    Sucker Punch is a good movie; some parts are questionable and make me go wtf though but overall, it’s entertaining. and yes, the awesome CGIs are a plus from Zack Snyder 🙂 Emily Browning is totally kickass! Blond color, surprisingly, suits her well. xD

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