Radiohead – Lotus Flower (music video)

Radiohead – Lotus Flower (via radiohead)

I’m two days late behind the hype, as usual, since I’m too late for everything. But yes, Lotus Flower is on! I haven’t heard the whole album yet– but hopefully it has a wider range than this song. Don’t get me wrong though, I love this track but not so much as I hero-worshiped Idioteque. I guess I’m a little biased when it comes to their techno/ambient style or whatever music that they do (I’m inclined to call it Trip-Hop infused with Rock but that’s just me).

Snap reactions on the video: Thom Yorke awkwardly dancing. It was almost comically done but the cinematography and the angles were done impeccably it was so hard to take it as anything else — maybe a bit hypnotizing at times but then it was just Thom Yorke dancing, nothing more.

Hah, anyway, I should already get a copy of the album. I dunno, will it be available in the Philippines? D: To those who have listened to the album already, how was it?


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